5 modern office sets

For you, now that you’re back
in your office and you want to refresh yourself.


The office is your “second home” and of course office outfits must be characterized by simplicity and comfort. But what are the must have pieces you need for the perfect office look? The ones that you can combine in many different ways and impress with your style and elegance. What you are looking for are pieces that are among the top trends of the season but are timeless, easy to wear and versatile for all time classic ensembles.

In addition, an outfit intended for the office should not lag behind in style, but also comfort. Choose clothes in fine quality made of natural threads and eco dyes, which allow the body to breathe while at the same time making your look fresh and modern every time.



day 1

White jeans can show off your figure and become your favorite item of clothing since the color acts as a canvas and can be easily combined with almost everything. Wear it to your office with a polka dot shirt with a ruffle front. It gives an all time classic look but with a modern girly mood.

The women’s bermuda suit is the new fashion proposal for business appearances. A high-waisted Bermuda shorts is what you need this summer. In a more casual chic line, they are comfortable and so practical, and can be worn from the morning hours at the office to your evening walks. At any time “break” your suit and you immediately have two new outfits.

day 2

day 3

A knitted pencil dress is one of the must pieces of the office look, which allows you to be comfortable and move freely. Choose a polka dot print dress, in classic black & white with wide transparent sleeves to create a stylish outfit. Wear it with striped sandals or low loafers, depending on your mood.

day 4

The total white set is the ideal choice for your office. It’s chic, simple, can be combined with one-offs and is the “coolest” color of the summer. Combine your favorite gold jewelry that will brighten up your outfit.

A day before your weekend and your mood is already affected, why not your clothes too. Choose a pair of linen pants, which fall loosely on the body projecting a more minimal aesthetic and making it very easy to style. A striped cardigan and a glam belt complete your outfit with elegance.

day 5

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