We take care of what we love

A brief handy guide for taking care of your clothes

Washing our clothes is the best way to take care of and freshen up your favourite wardrobe items. Please take into serious consideration of the following guidelines and always check with the instructions on the label inside the clothes for any different approaches to washing or ironing.

Our collection items are made in viscose, natural raw material, dyed in skin-friendly colours. We suggest you wash the clothes inside-out when machine washing to avoid friction and damage of outer knitting fibres.

We suggest you wash the items inside-out in the washing machine at 30ºC, use liquid detergent both for colour and dark colour clothes at a very gentle washing action and avoid tumble dry. For better protection, you may put the sensitive items in a laundry net or a white pillowcase. In case you choose to hand wash, take special care of the water temperature, gently swish the item and squeeze the excess water from the garment. Do not twist or wring.

We suggest you air-dry and hang the item two-fold
or horizontally on the hanger.

Sort the clothes according to label instructions and start ironing at the lowest temperature.

You may store them hanging in your wardrobe but the ideal way, fot knitted garments, is to keep them properly folded. In this way, you protect the heavier pieces of clothing from lengthening. And, don’t forget: during the summer months, moth loves natural knitting fabrics, such as viscose and cotton, so choose odorless clothes moth traps to protect them effectively.